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Tales of Demons and Gods

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Romance
View: 17,979,577 views
Author: Mad snail

Chapter 302.5 2 days ago
Chapter 302 2 days ago

Martial Peak Others

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Harem; Historical; Martial arts; Romance; Supernatural
View: 14,053,000 views
Author: Momo (ii)

Chapter 799 16 hours ago
Chapter 798 18 hours ago

Iron Ladies

Genre: Action; Comedy; Ecchi; Harem; Sci fi; Seinen
View: 12,807,119 views
Author: Iron Scales Group Bai Chen Guang ,

Chapter 333 yesterday, 16:43
Chapter 332 yesterday, 16:43

Sweet Guy

Genre: Adult; Ecchi; Mature; Smut; Comedy; Harem; Romance; Supernatural; Webtoon
View: 9,606,000 views
Author: Lee won-sik

Chapter 75 2 days ago
Chapter 74 2 days ago

Neighbor Cousins

Genre: Smut; Comedy; Drama; Full color; Harem; Long strip; Official colored; Romance; School...
View: 6,705,000 views
Author: Saemni

Chapter 47 2 days ago
Chapter 46 2 days ago

Fights Breaking Through The Heavens

Genre: Action; Adaptation; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Full color; Harem; Martial arts; Romance;...
View: 6,697,000 views
Author: Tian can tu dou

Chapter 313 2 days ago
Chapter 312 2 days ago

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Ecchi; Harem; Martial arts; Romance; School life; Shounen
View: 6,215,351 views
Author: Matsuena Syun ,

Chapter 583.5 yesterday, 14:34
Chapter 583 yesterday, 14:34

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Genre: Action; Adult; Adventure; Cooking; Fantasy; Harem; Romance; Shounen
View: 5,856,462 views
Author: Aneko Yusagi ,

Chapter 71 21 hours ago
Chapter 70 21 hours ago

Domestic na Kanojo

Genre: Shounen; Ecchi; Mature; Comedy; Drama; Harem; Romance; School life
View: 5,215,203 views
Author: Sasuga kei

Chapter 277 2 days ago
Chapter 276.3 2 days ago


Genre: Seinen; Adult; Ecchi; Mature; Action; Comedy; Harem; Romance; Supernatural
View: 5,027,000 views
Author: Hamada yoshikazu

Chapter 133.1 yesterday, 08:29
Chapter 133 yesterday, 08:29

Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!

Genre: Shounen; Ecchi; Action; Adventure; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Romance
View: 5,014,000 views
Author: Y.a

Chapter 48 yesterday, 08:29
Chapter 47 yesterday, 08:29

The Boy In The All-Girls School

Genre: Comedy; Ecchi; Harem; Romance; School life; Shounen; Slice of life; Manhua
View: 4,909,326 views
Author: Unknown ,

Chapter 289 yesterday, 17:14
Chapter 288 yesterday, 17:14

I'm The Great Immortal

Genre: Action; Harem; Martial arts; Shounen; Webtoons; Isekai
View: 4,876,293 views
Author: June Snow Studio ,

Chapter 242 yesterday, 17:43
Chapter 241 yesterday, 17:43

Release That Witch Others

Genre: Adventure; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Supernatural; Webtoon
View: 4,819,000 views
Author: Er mu

Chapter 199 yesterday, 08:42
Chapter 198 yesterday, 08:42

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi

Genre: Seinen; Adult; Mature; Action; Adventure; Drama; Fantasy; Harem
View: 4,638,000 views
Author: Tsukiyo rui

Chapter 30.2 yesterday, 08:42
Chapter 30.1 yesterday, 08:42

It Looks Like I've Fallen into the World of a Reverse Harem Game

Genre: Adaptation; Fantasy; Full color; Game; Isekai; Long strip; Reincarnation; Reverse harem; Romance;...
View: 4,359,000 views
Author: 이늬

Chapter 32 4 hours ago
Chapter 31 yesterday, 08:43

Lust Geass Others

Genre: Seinen; Adult; Mature; Comedy; Harem; Romance; School life; Supernatural
View: 4,141,000 views
Author: Takahashi osamu

Chapter 28 yesterday, 08:47
Chapter 27 yesterday, 08:47

World's End Harem

Genre: Drama; Ecchi; Harem; Mature; Romance; Sci fi; Seinen
View: 4,095,395 views
Author: Link Shouno Kotaro ,

Chapter 84 yesterday, 16:48
Chapter 83 yesterday, 16:48

Very Pure

Genre: Shounen; Ecchi; Mature; Comedy; Harem; Romance; School life
View: 3,819,000 views
Author: You lu wen hua

Chapter 254 yesterday, 08:55
Chapter 253 yesterday, 08:55

Iron Ladies Others

Genre: Seinen; Ecchi; Action; Comedy; Harem; Sci fi
View: 3,805,000 views
Author: 铁鳞社

Chapter 333 yesterday, 08:57
Chapter 332 yesterday, 08:57

Chaotic Sword God

Genre: Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Harem; Martial arts; Romance
View: 3,701,124 views
Author: Xin Xing Xiao Yao ,

Chapter 133 yesterday, 14:37
Chapter 132 yesterday, 14:37

Chaotic Sword God Others

Genre: Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Harem; Martial arts; Romance
View: 3,684,000 views
Author: Xin xing xiao yao

Chapter 134 2 hours ago
Chapter 133 yesterday, 08:59

Mo Shou Jian Sheng

Genre: Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Full color; Harem; Isekai; Long strip; Magic; Martial arts;...
View: 3,536,000 views
Author: Tian can tu dou

Chapter 31 yesterday, 09:05
Chapter 30 yesterday, 09:05


Genre: Shounen; Ecchi; Mature; Action; Harem; Horror; Romance; School life
View: 3,397,000 views
Author: Oikawa tooru

Chapter 90 yesterday, 09:06
Chapter 89 yesterday, 09:06

Mujaki no Rakuen

Genre: Ecchi; Smut; Comedy; Drama; Harem; Loli; Romance; School life; Slice of life;...
View: 3,267,000 views
Author: Uran

Chapter 78 yesterday, 08:46
Chapter 77 yesterday, 08:46

Metropolitan System

Genre: Shounen; Adventure; Harem; Martial arts; Supernatural
View: 3,254,786 views
Author: Tu jun

Chapter 360 2 days ago
Chapter 359 2 days ago

This Doesn't Feel Like Me

Genre: Adult; Drama; Harem; Romance; Manhwa
View: 3,079,955 views
Author: Andromeda 11 ,

Chapter 51 yesterday, 18:14
Chapter 50 yesterday, 18:14

Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu

Genre: Shounen; Ecchi; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Harem; Romance
View: 3,064,000 views
Author: Kishimoto kazuha

Chapter 24 yesterday, 09:12
Chapter 23 yesterday, 09:11

The Evil Girl is The Emperor

Genre: Smut; Fantasy; Full color; Long strip; Official colored; Reincarnation; Reverse harem; Romance;...
View: 3,036,000 views
Author: 知音漫客

Chapter 35 yesterday, 09:12
Chapter 34 yesterday, 09:12

Fruits Basket

Genre: Shoujo; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Psychological; Romance; School life; Supernatural
View: 2,972,000 views
Author: Takaya natsuki

Chapter 200.5 yesterday, 09:13
Chapter 200.4 yesterday, 09:13

World's End Harem - Fantasia Others

Genre: Seinen; Adult; Ecchi; Mature; Adventure; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Romance
View: 2,965,000 views
Author: Link

Chapter 20.2 yesterday, 09:13
Chapter 20.1 yesterday, 09:13

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Genre: Shounen; Adventure; Fantasy; Harem; Romance; Slice of life
View: 2,814,288 views
Author: Naitou kinosuke

Chapter 130 yesterday, 09:15
Chapter 129 yesterday, 09:15

Love Parameter

Genre: Seinen; Ecchi; Mature; Smut; Drama; Harem; Romance; School life; Supernatural; Webtoon
View: 2,796,220 views
Author: Kkun

Chapter 112 yesterday, 08:44
Chapter 111 yesterday, 08:44

My Girlfriend Is A Zombie

Genre: Action; Ecchi; Harem; Horror; Romance; Seinen
View: 2,692,380 views
Author: Manyu China Reading Dark Litchi ,

Chapter 162 yesterday, 13:49
Chapter 161 yesterday, 13:49

Mushoku Tensei - Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu

Genre: Seinen; Ecchi; Mature; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Romance
View: 2,660,962 views
Author: Rifujin na magonote

Chapter 67 yesterday, 09:03
Chapter 66 yesterday, 09:03

Shijou Saikyou Orc-san no Tanoshii Tanetsuke Harem Zukuri Others

Genre: Shounen; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Harem
View: 2,642,000 views
Author: Miwabe sakura ; Tsukiyo rui

Chapter 34 yesterday, 09:26
Chapter 33 yesterday, 09:26

Ossan Boukensha Kein no Zenkou Others

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Harem; Supernatural
View: 2,637,000 views
Author: Okino maho

Chapter 20 yesterday, 09:26
Chapter 19 yesterday, 09:26


Genre: Seinen; Shounen; Adult; Mature; Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Harem; Supernatural
View: 2,615,678 views
Author: Kanekiru kogitsune

Chapter 66 yesterday, 08:46
Chapter 65 yesterday, 08:46

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Genre: Seinen; Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Harem; Romance
View: 2,613,000 views
Author: Aneko yusagi

Chapter 71 yesterday, 09:26
Chapter 70.5 yesterday, 09:26

Yuusha, Yamemasu

Genre: Seinen; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Harem; Romance; Supernatural
View: 2,557,000 views
Author: Quantum

Chapter 17.1 yesterday, 09:27
Chapter 16.2 yesterday, 09:27

Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de

Genre: Seinen; Shounen; Ecchi; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Martial arts; Romance
View: 2,549,000 views
Author: Main

Chapter 42 yesterday, 09:27
Chapter 41.2 yesterday, 09:27

Hahri's Lumpy Star

Genre: Seinen; Adult; Comedy; Harem
View: 2,505,000 views
Author: Gae ho ju

Chapter 36 yesterday, 09:30
Chapter 35 yesterday, 09:30