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God Of Blackfield

Genre: Action; Crime; Delinquents; Drama; Full color; Long strip; Martial arts; Military; Official...
View: 1,896,000 views
Author: Un

Chapter 55 yesterday, 09:42
Chapter 54 yesterday, 09:42

The Live

Genre: Action; Adventure; Crime; Drama; Full color; Horror; Long strip; Psychological; Web comic;...
View: 1,334,000 views
Author: Black ajin

Chapter 45 2 days ago
Chapter 44 2 days ago

Lockdown No Escape

Genre: Gore; Action; Adventure; Aliens; Comedy; Crime; Delinquents; Demons; Fantasy; Full color; Horror;...
View: 645,000 views
Author: Jksmanga

Chapter 25 yesterday, 08:17
Chapter 24 yesterday, 08:17

Revenge is Best Served Cold

Genre: Crime; Drama; Full color; Long strip; Mafia; Mystery; Official colored; Philosophical; Psychological;...
View: 329,000 views
Author: Laku sakura

Chapter 12 yesterday, 08:12
Chapter 11 yesterday, 08:12

A Story About A Yakuza And A Bad Detective

Genre: Comedy; Crime; Delinquents; Drama; Mafia; Police; Romance; Slice of life; Web comic
View: 198,000 views
Author: 晴十ナツメグ

Chapter 1 2 days ago

The King Of Night Market

Genre: Action; Comedy; Crime; Full color; Harem; Long strip; Webtoon
View: 148,000 views
Author: Tuan yu

Chapter 12 yesterday, 08:15
Chapter 11 yesterday, 08:15

Ping Dan's Inflatable Doll: Zoe-17

Genre: Ecchi; Action; Crime; Full color; Long strip; Mystery; Official colored; Romance; Sci...
View: 139,000 views
Author: Han da sheng

Chapter 25 yesterday, 08:54
Chapter 24 yesterday, 08:54

Yakuza Reincarnation

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Crime; Fantasy; Genderswap; Isekai; Mafia; Magic; Reincarnation
View: 138,219 views
Author: Takeshi natsuhara

Chapter 4 yesterday, 09:15
Chapter 3 yesterday, 09:15

Danganronpa - The Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair Comic Anthology

Genre: Action; Adventure; Anthology; Comedy; Crime; Drama; Horror; Mystery; School life; Slice of...
View: 119,000 views
Author: Spike chunsoft

Chapter 14 yesterday, 09:11
Chapter 13 yesterday, 09:11

The Young Lady and the Yakuza: the Wakagashira’s Affection is Sweet but Fierce

Genre: Smut; Action; Crime; Mafia; Romance
View: 119,000 views
Author: Ichimonji rin

Chapter 1 yesterday, 09:12

Gunslayer Legend

Genre: Gore; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Crime; Full color
View: 95,401 views
Author: San fan xiong

Chapter 37 yesterday, 08:58
Chapter 36 yesterday, 08:58

Robot Izonkei Joshi no Meiwaku na Nichijou

Genre: Yuri; Ecchi; Crime; Mecha; Military; School life; Slice of life
View: 35,076 views
Author: Kawada akio

Chapter 10.1 yesterday, 08:18
Chapter 10 yesterday, 08:18

The Terrifying Hitman's Story (Fan Colored)

Genre: Comedy; Crime; Loli; Mafia; Slice of life
View: 20,000 views
Author: Rimukoro

Chapter 5 yesterday, 09:18
Chapter 4 yesterday, 09:18

Blood Rain 2 (Min)

Genre: Action; Crime; Drama; Long strip; Mafia; Martial arts; Tragedy; Webtoon
View: 20,000 views
Author: Min (민)

Chapter 25 2 days ago
Chapter 24 2 days ago

Prometheus Vinctus

Genre: Crime; Drama; Mystery; Psychological; Supernatural; Tragedy
View: 20,000 views
Author: Fujinari takumi

Chapter 8 yesterday, 09:18
Chapter 7 yesterday, 09:18

I love you, Kyouko-san.

Genre: Comedy; Crime; Drama; Mystery; Psychological; Romance; Thriller
View: 14,400 views
Author: Nozawa takeshi

Chapter 6 2 days ago
Chapter 5 2 days ago

Nine Songs

Genre: Shounen ai; Crime; Drama; Fantasy; Full color; Historical; Long strip; Romance; Webtoon
View: 12,000 views
Author: San qing

Chapter 14 yesterday, 09:11
Chapter 13 yesterday, 09:11

Killer and Immortal Target

Genre: Comedy; Crime; Mafia; Supernatural
View: 11,031 views
Author: Koga yuuto

Chapter 1.2 2 days ago
Chapter 1 2 days ago

Touhou Chireikiden ~ Hansoku Tantei Satori

Genre: Crime; Drama; Fantasy; Magic; Monsters; Mystery; Supernatural; Vampires; Web comic
View: 7,427 views
Author: Zun

Chapter 9.5 2 days ago
Chapter 9 2 days ago

Kizu Darake no Jinsei

Genre: Gore; Crime; Drama; Mafia; Police; Slice of life; Tragedy
View: 5,914 views
Author: Saruwatari tetsuya

Chapter 19 2 days ago
Chapter 18 2 days ago

Uncool X Dead

Genre: Crime; Mystery; Thriller
View: 4,292 views
Author: Ogawa ao

Chapter 2 2 days ago
Chapter 1 2 days ago


Genre: Crime; Sci fi
View: 3,747 views
Author: Maijo ohtaro

Chapter 11 2 days ago
Chapter 10 2 days ago

Detective Conan - Zero The Enforcer

Genre: Action; Adaptation; Adventure; Award winning; Crime; Drama; Mystery; Psychological; Sci fi; Thriller
View: 3,012 views
Author: Aoyama gosho

Chapter 3 yesterday, 09:12
Chapter 2 yesterday, 09:12

Nazotoki Drill

Genre: Comedy; Crime; Mystery
View: 2,610 views
Author: Kawazoe taichi

Chapter 1 2 days ago

Deep Water - Shinen

Genre: Crime; Mystery; Psychological
View: 2,306 views
Author: Shimizu reiko

Chapter 8.2 yesterday, 08:27
Chapter 8.1 yesterday, 08:27

Underworld Incorporated

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Crime; Drama; Fantasy
View: 1,609 views
Author: Crimmer

Chapter 0 yesterday, 08:50

Paulson Bruhs: PD

Genre: Comedy; Crime; Drama
View: 1,571 views
Author: Nen ; Sella

Chapter 1 2 days ago

Beautiful CEO's Superb Master-hand

Genre: Action; Comedy; Crime; Military; Web comic
View: 803 views
Author: Ah ke wen hua

Chapter 19 yesterday, 08:27
Chapter 18 yesterday, 08:27


Genre: Action; Crime; Drama; Military; Police
View: 801 views
Author: Nagasaki takashi

Chapter 8 yesterday, 08:56
Chapter 7 yesterday, 08:56


Genre: Shounen ai; Yaoi; Crime
View: 657 views
Author: Cheong dam dong-geon mul-ju ; Dong-geu la mi ; Wan dong sib-o

Chapter 2 yesterday, 08:17
Chapter 1 yesterday, 08:17


Genre: Yaoi; Action; Crime; Long strip; Mafia; Police; Romance; Web comic; Webtoon
View: 618 views
Author: Park siang

Chapter 1 yesterday, 08:58


Genre: Action; Anthology; Crime; Drama; Mafia; Police; Thriller
View: 590 views
Author: Sasaki takumaru

Chapter 1 yesterday, 09:23

To Read The Criminal Tells

Genre: Ecchi; Comedy; Crime; Drama; Mystery; Police
View: 585 views
Author: Hayasaka gabu

Chapter 5 yesterday, 08:15
Chapter 4 yesterday, 08:15

I Will Die Soon

Genre: Crime; Drama; Full color; Long strip; Official colored; Supernatural; Web comic; Webtoon
View: 576 views
Author: 이원식 (lee won shik)

Chapter 66 yesterday, 08:51
Chapter 65 yesterday, 08:51

The Four Constables

Genre: Action; Adventure; Crime; Full color; Historical; Martial arts; Mystery; Police; Wuxia
View: 504 views
Author: Tony wong ; Wen rui'an

Chapter 21 yesterday, 09:05
Chapter 20 yesterday, 09:05

Great Pretender

Genre: Adaptation; Comedy; Crime; Mafia
View: 442 views
Author: Hiro kaburagi ; Ryouta furusawa ; Yoshiyuki sadamoto

Chapter 2 yesterday, 08:35
Chapter 1 yesterday, 08:35


Genre: Action; Crime; Drama; Psychological
View: 404 views
Author: Iwaki hiroshi

Chapter 4 yesterday, 08:39
Chapter 3 yesterday, 08:39

Perfect Victim

Genre: Gore; Crime; Full color; Horror; Long strip; Mystery; Official colored; Psychological; Thriller;...
View: 384 views
Author: 尼三岁

Chapter 53 2 days ago
Chapter 52 2 days ago


Genre: Gore; Action; Crime; Long strip; Web comic; Webtoon
View: 379 views
Author: Jeongyeon

Chapter 36 2 days ago
Chapter 35 2 days ago

Lito Perezito’s REED 900:FAR AWAY NORTH

Genre: Yaoi; Action; Adventure; Crime; Doujinshi; Full color; Game; Sci fi; Video games
View: 348 views
Author: Lito perezito’s

Chapter 1 yesterday, 08:42

Detective Duo

Genre: Comedy; Crime; Full color; Historical; Long strip; Official colored; Romance; Web comic;...
View: 343 views
Author: 大周互娱

Chapter 10 2 days ago
Chapter 9 2 days ago

Solitary Girl

Genre: Action; Adventure; Crime; Drama; Full color; Long strip; Mafia; Martial arts; Mystery;...
View: 274 views
Author: 名物观世正宗刀×夫人

Chapter 2 yesterday, 08:57
Chapter 1.3 yesterday, 08:57