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Lockdown No Escape

Genre: Gore; Action; Adventure; Aliens; Comedy; Crime; Delinquents; Demons; Fantasy; Full color; Horror;...
View: 645,000 views
Author: Jksmanga

Chapter 25 yesterday, 08:17
Chapter 24 yesterday, 08:17

Iseikai Tensei

Genre: Action; Aliens; Award winning; Demons; Monsters; Sci fi
View: 237,000 views
Author: Ooyama sanpo

Chapter 3 yesterday, 08:28
Chapter 2 yesterday, 08:28

Tokyo Mew Mew Au Lait

Genre: Action; Aliens; Animals; Comedy; Magic; Magical girls
View: 173,000 views
Author: Seizuki madoka

Chapter 9 yesterday, 08:10
Chapter 8 yesterday, 08:10

Otome no Harawata Hoshi no Iro

Genre: Ecchi; Aliens; Comedy; Harem; Monster girls; Romance; School life
View: 69,721 views
Author: Ishito yuhra

Chapter 6 yesterday, 08:46
Chapter 5 yesterday, 08:46

Denmu Jikuu

Genre: Action; Aliens; Drama; Psychological; Sci fi; Survival
View: 20,000 views
Author: Takayama kazumasa

Chapter 9 yesterday, 08:09
Chapter 8 yesterday, 08:09

Eirun Last Code

Genre: Action; Adventure; Aliens; Drama; Mecha; Mystery; Sci fi
View: 13,999 views
Author: Touriyuu daisuke

Chapter 2 yesterday, 08:19
Chapter 1 yesterday, 08:19

Guilty Children

Genre: Adaptation; Aliens; Drama; Mecha; Military; Sci fi
View: 5,256 views
Author: Asagiri kafka

Chapter 5 2 days ago
Chapter 3 2 days ago

Darling in the FranXX (Fan Colored)

Genre: Ecchi; Action; Adaptation; Aliens; Drama; Full color; Mecha; Romance; Sci fi; Supernatural;...
View: 3,719 views
Author: Code 000

Chapter 60 2 days ago
Chapter 59 2 days ago

White World

Genre: Action; Aliens; Drama; Post apocalyptic; Sci fi; Web comic
View: 2,814 views
Author: Coli.e

Chapter 9 yesterday, 08:28
Chapter 8 yesterday, 08:28

Motoka no Shokudou

Genre: Ecchi; Aliens; Comedy; Cooking; Sci fi; Slice of life
View: 963 views
Author: Ooi masakazu

Chapter 22 yesterday, 08:48
Chapter 21 yesterday, 08:48

Transformers Animated: The Cool

Genre: Action; Adventure; Aliens; Comedy; Drama
View: 834 views
Author: Naoto tsushima

Chapter 13 yesterday, 08:06
Chapter 12 yesterday, 08:06

The Fight Of Gods (Fanmade One Punch Man comic)

Genre: Action; Aliens; Doujinshi; Martial arts; Monsters; Sci fi; Superhero; Supernatural
View: 636 views
Author: Cminglap

Chapter 0 yesterday, 09:07


Genre: Yuri; Ecchi; Action; Aliens; Sci fi
View: 523 views
Author: Ogino jun

Chapter 9 yesterday, 08:09
Chapter 8 yesterday, 08:09

Transformers Micron Densetsu: Linkage

Genre: Action; Adventure; Aliens; Comedy; Drama; Mecha; Sci fi
View: 499 views
Author: Ichikawa hirofumi

Chapter 13 yesterday, 09:06
Chapter 12 yesterday, 09:06

Super Aleste

Genre: Action; Aliens; Military; Sci fi
View: 404 views
Author: Muneo kubo

Chapter 6 yesterday, 08:11
Chapter 5 yesterday, 08:11

How Many Light-Years to Babylon?

Genre: Adventure; Aliens; Comedy; Drama; Genderswap; Sci fi
View: 389 views
Author: Dowman sayman

Chapter 32.5 2 days ago
Chapter 32 2 days ago

Valkyrie Resistance

Genre: Action; Adventure; Aliens; Drama; Isekai; Military; Romance; Supernatural; Time travel; Tragedy; User...
View: 353 views
Author: Loardi

Chapter 0 yesterday, 08:40

My Universe

Genre: Aliens; Drama; Fantasy; Full color; Long strip; Official colored; Romance; School life;...
View: 336 views
Author: Gong-i

Chapter 27 2 days ago
Chapter 26 2 days ago

Planet of Wheat

Genre: Aliens; Drama; Sci fi; Slice of life
View: 225 views
Author: Torino shino

Chapter 2 2 days ago
Chapter 1 2 days ago

Planet Nya Nya Nya~

Genre: Aliens; Animals; Comedy; Full color; Long strip; Slice of life; Web comic;...
View: 221 views
Author: Dalsup son

Chapter 34 yesterday, 07:45
Chapter 33 yesterday, 07:45

Unparalleled Path ~ Reincarnated as the AI for a Space Battleship ~

Genre: Adaptation; Adventure; Aliens; Drama; Isekai; Mecha; Military; Post apocalyptic; Reincarnation; Sci fi;...
View: 153 views
Author: Matsuya daisuki

Chapter 2 yesterday, 08:45
Chapter 1 yesterday, 08:45

Dragon Ball - Dragon Ball Rebirth (Doujinshi)

Genre: Action; Aliens; Delinquents; Doujinshi; Fantasy; Martial arts; School life; Sci fi; Supernatural;...
View: 87 views
Author: Maikeru

Chapter 2 2 days ago
Chapter 1 2 days ago


Genre: Gore; Action; Adaptation; Adventure; Aliens; Comedy; Crime; Demons; Drama; Fantasy; Ghosts; Historical;...
View: 68 views
Author: Licht silver

Chapter 1 yesterday, 08:31

Amateur E-girl Streaming a Space War

Genre: Gore; Action; Aliens; Sci fi; Thriller
View: 40 views
Author: Watanabe kouzou

Chapter 2 yesterday, 08:56
Chapter 1 yesterday, 08:56

Ratchet & Clank

Genre: Action; Adaptation; Aliens; Comedy; Mecha; Sci fi
View: 38 views
Author: Nomura shinbo

Chapter 11.5 yesterday, 08:57
Chapter 11 yesterday, 08:57

Looking Into The Theory Of Insects Coming From Outer Space

Genre: Aliens; Comedy; One shot; Sci fi; Web comic
View: 35 views
Author: Ichitomo kazutomo

Chapter 0 2 days ago

The Great UFO War

Genre: Action; Aliens; Mecha; One shot; Sci fi
View: 31 views
Author: Fuiji masahiro ; Nagai go

Chapter 0 yesterday, 09:03

Strongest King

Genre: Action; Aliens; Martial arts
View: 26 views
Author: 二周目漫画

Chapter 2 yesterday, 08:29
Chapter 1 yesterday, 08:29

Is Love Covered by Insurance?

Genre: Aliens; Full color; Official colored; One shot; Philosophical; Romance; Sci fi; Slice...
View: 25 views
Author: Angram

Chapter 0 2 days ago

A Space Love Story

Genre: Aliens; One shot; Romance; Sci fi; Slice of life; Web comic
View: 24 views
Author: Araragi nana

Chapter 0 2 days ago

Girls Day Out - Misaka, Caulifla, & Mordred

Genre: Aliens; Comedy; Doujinshi; Martial arts; One shot; Slice of life; Supernatural
View: 24 views
Author: Dbzrx

Chapter 0 2 days ago

The Galaxy Next Door

Genre: Aliens; Comedy; Romance; Slice of life
View: 20 views
Author: Amagakure gido

Chapter 2 yesterday, 08:46
Chapter 1 yesterday, 08:46

Star Children (Oneshot)

Genre: Action; Aliens; Animals; Comedy; Loli; One shot; Police; Sci fi; Superhero
View: 16 views
Author: Chihiro ishizuka

Chapter 0 yesterday, 08:29

Stardust Nina

Genre: Ecchi; Aliens; Drama; Philosophical; Romance; Sci fi; Slice of life; Time travel
View: 15 views
Author: Fukushima satoshi

Chapter 3 yesterday, 08:28
Chapter 2 yesterday, 08:28

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 One shot

Genre: Action; Adventure; Aliens; Award winning; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Full color; Horror; Mystery;...
View: 15 views
Author: Hirohiko araki

Chapter 0 yesterday, 08:30

Medako-san’s Love Invasion Plan

Genre: 4 koma; Adaptation; Aliens; Comedy; Drama; School life; Slice of life
View: 15 views
Author: Nayutalien/nayutan seijin

Chapter 1 2 days ago

Alien X Peke

Genre: Action; Aliens; Comedy; One shot
View: 12 views
Author: Akira toriyama

Chapter 1 yesterday, 13:25


Genre: Action; Adventure; Aliens; Mecha; Military; Post apocalyptic; Sci fi; Survival
View: 8 views
Author: Parth shukla

Chapter 1 yesterday, 08:39


Genre: Action; Aliens; Fantasy; Full color; Long strip; Official colored; Sci fi; Web...
View: 6 views
Author: Duster

Chapter 0 yesterday, 08:43

The Three-Body Problem

Genre: Aliens; Long strip; Sci fi; Webtoon
View: 6 views
Author: Liu cixin

Chapter 1 2 days ago

Dragon Ball Z Full Color: The Buu Saga

Genre: Action; Adventure; Aliens; Full color; Official colored
View: 0 views
Author: Akira toryama

Chapter 8 yesterday, 08:23
Chapter 7 yesterday, 08:23


Genre: Action; Aliens; Full color; Isekai; Long strip; Mystery; Post apocalyptic; Psychological; Sci...
View: 0 views
Author: Hun

Chapter 14 yesterday, 09:36
Chapter 13 yesterday, 09:36