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Alternative: 您的老祖已上线
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Author(s): You ou qi gongchang
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Full color, Game, Isekai, Martial arts, Reincarnation, Video games, Web comic,
Status: Ongoing
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When Zhang Tianling a typical Chinese Otaku plays a game late at night like any usual Otaku with a hikikomori tendency does, he accidentally migrated to a different world and became the founder of the sect in the game he played with all the max stats and skills. Everything seems perfect, right? OP character and skills? what could go wrong? but what he didn’t expect... this sect is now poor and destitute, and only the sect master and one disciple are left. Where are all the people? Even the mountain gate is rented? Wait, the landlord is coming here to collect a debt?! Fortunately, the system I have is still working. Sect Simulator huh? this could work!

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